The Oregon Coast Aquarium

Just a short six-minute drive from The Whaler, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of Oregon’s top tourist attractions, and one of the nation’s top 10 aquariums, according to Coastal Living magazine. The Aquarium strives to be a center of excellence for ocean literacy and plays an active role in conservation and animal rehabilitation efforts. Over 40,000 guests visit the aquarium each year.

You can expect to see a wide variety of sea life and marine mammals at the Oregon Coast Aquarium exhibits. A series of indoor exhibits showcase rockfish, crabs, flatfish, sea stars and anemones. Outdoors, you’ll find sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, a giant pacific octopus and a sea bird aviary. In the Passages of the Deep exhibit, sharks, rays, rockfish, halibut and skates swim freely around you as you walk down a 200-foot acrylic tube walkway. There’s something for every sea lover at the aquarium, and getting there is easy when you stay at The Whaler!